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Всю работу выполню быстро, и качественно все 300 почтовых ящиков будут рабочими.

Для чего это нужно: ящики подойдут для любых целей например для регистрации на различных сайтах, ресурсах, или же для рассылки сообщений и. т. д. По окончанию моей работы вы получите текстовый документ со всеми логинами и паролями к электронным почтам.

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The 24 hour service is only for documents up to 400 words!

I'm a native Korean who is bilingual in both Korean and English. I have lived half of my life in the states. so I can provide you professional and reliable translations. I can normally finish your translations within a few hours, 3 day time is my MAXIMUM time.

About the Twip
  • Each Twip is for 400 Words
  • All of your documents and personal information is kept confidential!
  • The 2,3 day delivery is only for projects under 2000 words. If you have more than 2000, message me!

What will you get?
  • A perfectly transcribed document in Korean
  • Fast delivery (within 3 days)
  • Native translations.
Any questions are open for discussion! Please contact me for further details and explanations
Please give me a document which has WORD COUNT! I cannot count every word manually.

I only translate 200 individual WORDS, as it takes a lot more time

***I sometimes give out freebies. Because why not XD. If you hire me, I might ask you for your address to give you....say a USSR medal, some signed baseball cards, stock certificates from the 60s, steam games and many many more! Don't be afraid to message me!***