I will translate your text from Spanish to German and vice versa. I offer a professional service, always proofread and in time delivery

You will receive an accurate, high quality translation and 100% manually. In addition to a proper and professional work, I provide texts that correspond to country specific cultural habits.

I grew up bilingual (German / Spanish), have lived and worked in Germany, Spain and the US, so I know the habits and national traditions as well as the cultural differences.

My linguistic talent and skills, my arrangement and dedication contribute to perform a professional translation and to guarantee the highest quality.

I have experience in translating websites, apps, description of products and services, ads, ebooks and articles of different kinds.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information.


Что Вы получите?

Вы получите хороший, а главное - рабочий! - скрипт на JavaSсript и Jquery! Что такое jquery? Не переживайте это тоже javascript, просто немного другой, почти на всех сайтах он используется, уверены, что и на вашем! Еcли нет, то мы настроим его за 2-3 минуты, разумеется бесплатно!