I offer translations from English to Russian and Lithuanian languages or vice versa. Have experience in translating texts of various styles, e.g. medical, economical, texts for websites and apps, etc. I can translate up to 400 words per Twip. If you need more, just write your word count in the appropriate package box or contact me directly.

I can also work on your text's style to make it look more natural in translated language (check the extras tab; 3000 ₽ for 1500 words. If you have longer texts, please write me a personal message). Please note, that additional services may increase order delivery time. Thank you!

P.S. Usually it takes less than 4 days for the texts up to 2000 words. 4 days term is for longer texts or unforeseen circumstances. Also, if you need your text to be translated within a certain duration of time, please write me a personal message with the details of your order.

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