Все виды видеопродукции и связанные с производством видео контента пост эффекты и цифровые художественные приемы, color-grade, compositing, tracking, keying, clean up, и многое другое могу предложить благодаря своему опыту работы на телевидении и постпродакшн.

DescriptionHey, This is Eun Ji Kim.  I have been professionally working in translation for 8 yrs. 

I have offered 
  • Business translation (letter & Complain letter), Resume
  • Application Introduction, Web site
  • Proofreading translation script
  • Video translation and other media translation
  • Any format that is in need of translation, I am up for it.
  • Application translations and reviews

If translation script is more than 600 words, 
Please contact me.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to message me. 

Whether it is business or casual, I will translate it for you. It doesn't always have to be a documented format, it can also be videos, images, and programs. I put in extra care for all requests.