Перевод текста.

Согласование с заказчиком.

Литературная обработка (читаемость текста).

Обработка исходных текстовых материалов (рерайтинг).

Добавление или удаление, замена материалов (от заказчика).

Уникальность 95-100%

2000 зн.


I can offer expert translations of business-related documents, such as annual reports, marketing texts, brochures, communications, newsletters, web content or presentation materials. 

I am a very diligent translator and transcriber. I can work full time including weekends and even holidays With each project I undertake, I guarantee high-quality work delivered on or before the deadline. I proofread all my translations or transcriptions, cross-referencing terminology sources using an extensive library of dictionaries and technical sources. I am also a member of a translation group which draws on a vast pool of translators to help me find the most obscure terms.

If you think you could benefit from my services, I would be delighted to hear from you.