Hi there, 

Translation is a creative process, that includes investigation, the transition of thoughts, ideas and even mood thus making a text clear and understandable for readers. 

My translation services include:

  • Creative and professional approach
  • Excellent communication
  • Proofreading
  • Research on the subject
  • Fulfilling the requirements of a buyer
  • Information is not disclosed to any third parties

Specialize in the translation of:

  • websites, applications, programs
  • articles (traveling, nature, etc)
  • games for smartphones
  • books (English-Russian)
  • marketing, advertising
  • legal documents - 400 words -1000 ₽
  • games for PC - please, contact me before placing an order, the cost of such service might be different.

Formats: doc, docx, jpg, pdf, png.

 Please, provide the material for translation in a clear and readable form.

If you have any questions - feel free to contact me, I will gladly help you!
Если возникнут какие-либо вопросы - обращайтесь, буду рада помочь!




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